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Meet Paulette Rolle-Alesnik

My business is



Investor, Life-Coach, Speaker, #1 best selling Author

and Founder of Lord's & JP Investors, LLC

Hello,my name is Paulette Rolle-Alesnik. I'm a follower of Jesus, the Christ, a dog mom, educator, speaker,an entrepreneur and angel investor. I'M SOOOO EXCITED to educate women on the importance of Financial Freedom through #MultipleStreamsOfIncome AND #Ownership! It's something that I've done behind the scenes for almost 20 years. But, I don't call myself a life coach or a financial broker, I prefer to be called an "Investor in People"...for it is my goal FIRST AND FOREMOST, to invest in people.

I strongly believe that in order to change our culture, the narrative, education/schools, our finances or the economy, we MUST own things! So, I'm fighting for more women to OWN things - banks, universities, airlines, apps, Amazon's competition -- you get the pics! And, I'm fighting every day for the rebirthing of Black Wall Street. Blessings to you all.

When It Comes to Financial Freedom, there Are Two Paths… Earned income or Passive income. In other words, you can work for money or money can work for you. On one path you get paid only for what you do; on the other you get paid no matter what you do. Let us help you get your money working for you.

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