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PRA International offers mentorship-based financial investment courses intentionally designed for women (beneficial for all):

  • Simply frustrated with, or dissatisfied with your finances 

  • Disappointed with your job or under-employed

  • Starting over after divorce 

  • Navigating U.S. financial systems as an immigrant

  • Or have recently graduated college, and realized that your career is NOT offering the income the degree promised!


The PRA International Academy curriculum is dedicated to helping you make the personal commitment needed to earn additional income.  Research shows it takes nearly a month to develop productive personal practices.  In this 30-day online Academy, you will get 30 (or up to 90 days) of hands-on mentorship (depending on your selection), 30 videos, 30 ACTion Steps delivered to your inbox daily, and 4 (weekly) personalized one-on-one calls with me. Here is a brief outline of our curriculum:


  • Week 1 - A Healthy, Wealthy Mindset

  • Week 2 - Disrupting YOUR Financial Blueprint

  • Week 3 - Creating a Financially Healthy Body & Mind

  • Week 4 - Increasing Your Wealth with EXTRA INCOME (including step-by-step short and long-term planning)


At PRA International, we are invested in providing the mentorship and personal commitment needed to support your financial future. 

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