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Register for our Upcoming GET UNSTUCK! Event


Feeling STUCK in Past Mistakes, Emotions, Limited beliefs, Finances or Business?

UNSTUCK will provide resources that can impact your future.


We invite you to join us at "Get Unstuck" ; a women’s night of Mentorship, Motivation, Professional & Personal Development, Networking & Encouragement.


Whether you feel stuck in Past Mistakes, Emotions, Limited beliefs, Finances or your Business...UNSTUCK will provide you with resources that can significantly impact your future both personally and professionally!


If you are interested in building your visibility, impact, and leadership skills then this workshop is designed for you!



Price: $45 

GET UNSTUCK! General Access

  • This event will include:

    Self-discovery questionnaire: Taken pre-workshop and self-administered to identify areas of growth...


    Speakers (In alph order):

    Listen to 5 inspiring talks on a diverse range of topics by women leaders and influencers who are making an impact!

    Kate Nash: Instructional Strategist at Make your Course Great

    Kelly Fischer: Business Coach, Trainer, Behavior Profile Analyst , Architect of Successful Businesses that think Strategically

    Rosie Jensing: Speaker, Author, Empowerment Coach, Content Creator, Wonder in your Woman Expert

    Paulette Rolle-Alesnik: Investor, Life Coach, Multiple Streams Of Income Expert, Speaker

    Sarah Scinta, MPA: Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur, Independent Pink Cadillac Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics


    An opportunity to meet, connect with and develop further relationships with the speakers, as well as connecting with other like-minded, professional, and dynamic women in attendance.


    Food will be provided with your ticket purchase.

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