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Transforms Lives

There’s a reason why Paulette’s clients get results after consulting with her -- she promotes ACTion! Paulette will inspire your employees/audiences to discover their own untapped talents and potential, and ACT toward the best version of themselves.

She creates an emotionally and visually stunning experience for you, your audience, or employees that are always cutting edge – and is always deeply personal and highly motivated.

Her goal is simple: To get YOU to discover and monetize your natural talent, experience, or education, then help you develop multiple streams from there. She sends you back into the world with ACTionable tools and confidence to make EXTRA money.

From her story of a struggling immigrant to a successful entrepreneur, Paulette’s courage and determination have inspired many, and helped countless audiences breakthrough, to discover their own untapped talents and potential.

All purposely designed for you to #OWNTHINGS

“In 2017 and 2018, by coincidence, I ended up consulting a few small businesses in Tampa. My focus - creativity increasing their revenue by diversifying and discovering multiple streams of income “within” their businesses. We had amazing financial results! About 25% of those got out of debt in 12 months, and 45% discovered and begun multiple streams of income relative to the business.”  

Book now – one-on-one, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations. 

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